Wednesday, March 25, 2009


While I love to write and can write about this topic for days, I sometimes wish there was a way to have an ongoing dialogue about it as well. That is what I loved about my Master's thesis. I was able to interview a wide range of women in their 20s about what was important to them, how they felt about feminism and we could have a discussion. Sometimes it sparked heated debate, other times it caused me to question my own ideals, and at times it was just great fun talking about one of my favorite topics with interesting women. While the blog-o-sphere is a fabulous tool, and allows me to publicly ponder and process ideas, it lacks that immediate give and take you get when surrounded with people as eager as you are to dissect and discuss. 
I have so many topics I'd like to discuss but I'm also interested in hearing what others are excited about. 
Pregnancy, birth options, breastfeeding, working, staying at home, stereotypes & stigmas, gender issues, and on and, what to talk about first? 

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