About Me

Despite the fact that my description of myself might change on any given day, these things remain constant: I'm a play-at-home mama, freelance writer, wife and feminist (and not necessarily in that order). Mamafesto focuses on the way feminism and motherhood intersect (at least for me) and my own feelings, issues and struggles surrounding it.

I also tend to talk about my four year old son a lot. Go figure.

Before getting in to the whole parenting gig, I received my BA in History & Education from UMASS, and my MA in Liberal Studies with a concentration in Women Studies from Wesleyan University. I spent some time teaching high school social studies and loving every minute of it. Except hall duty.

Besides this blog, I'm on the editorial board of Gender Across Borders and may even write something for them here and there.

You can also find me on Twitter and Facebook, or contact me via email.