Thursday, September 15, 2011

As Cool As I Am...

Earlier this week I wrote a guest post for Be Cool Boys on being...well, what else? Cool.

And you know what?

I felt a little bit like a fraud.

Oh, sure - I whole heartedly believe in what I wrote about...about how being "cool" is all about feeling confident in yourself and your choices. I continue to preach this message to EZ in the hopes that he'll internalize it and it will be come his reality.

But my reality?

I still remember middle school and high school.

I remember having to wear a turtleneck underneath my genie costume on Halloween and how that one piece of fabric immediately zapped all bits of "cool" from it.

I remember my mom getting me the wrong kinds of leggings in middle school. She got me a pair with elastic footing, when all the "cool girls" were wearing ones that stopped right at your ankle.

I remember having glasses and braces in 9th grade and how I was certain that was the end of my social life (before it even began).

I remember only being able to shop at The Gap when they had big sales, and feeling that my "coolness" level somehow shot up 10 points the days I wore my clothes from there.

And looking back? Those moments kind of sucked. But then...

I also remember going to the salon only days before high school graduation and having my hair sheared off,  leaving me with less than 2 inches of crazy curls and loving the freeing feeling that accompanied it.

I remember rocking a candy necklace as jewelry, and not even caring that it wasn't the silver or gold others sported.

I also remember shopping with friends at a vintage store for my prom dress and rocking the heck out of a strapless, sea-foam green, taffeta dress while everyone else wore variations on short & sexy.

And today, at 31, I go back and forth between the whole cool thing. I try to live what I shared with EZ. I try to project the confidence that I feel. But that can be tricky when I falter, seeing other moms in fashionable clothes, having it all together while I barely stumble through with a semi clean shirt and pair of jeans. (oh...that perfect mom myth is constantly my undoing!)

We all have off days, but most days I'm "on." I follow my own trends and style (which really is lack-of-style, but I own it, and that's cool...with me). I figure it's had to have made some sort of impact on EZ who rocks his own unique style of clothes. If we could just instill the notion that confidence = cool, then maybe we'd all have a lot more "on" days.

*I'd be remiss if I didn't include the fantabulous song from which I stole this blog title from...let it be the anthem for this post. No fear. Embrace the cool. (and really, despite the perfect or flawed outside...aren't we all somewhat similar inside?)



Anonymous said...

1.) That prom dress is amazing. Love it.

2.) As Cool As I Am is one of my most favorite feminist anthems.

3.) I have those days way more often than I'd like to admit.

A. Mama said...

1.) thanks :)

2.) same!

3.) sigh. We all do, right? I try not to dwell on those, though and squeeze the hell out of the good ones!

Edward said...

the prom dress is AMAZING!!!! the "cool" kids in high school were so mediocre. and really who wants to be that?? i know i don't.