Friday, April 29, 2011

Link Love!

In the vein of a few of my favorite sites (Gender Across Borders & Go Fug Yourself to name just two) I've decided to do a Friday link round up where I'll share links to things I've been into the past week. I doubt there will be any sense of semblance or theme, but hopefully you'll find something new and fun.

* Word clouds are awesome. Ones about the heavily gendered toy market are awesomely frightening, though sadly, not surprising.

* "Spring is finally here" is reason enough for me to attempt this cake in a jar recipe ASAP. Yes. You heard me right. Cake.In.A.Jar. But since I'm not a fan of food dye, I'm crossing fingers and toes that my local food coop will have a suitable substitute.

My friend Char started a new blog. She's a bi-coastal gal that's also a pop culture addict. Check out her snarky, yet funny observations at Char In Charge.

Oh how I wish I lived near any of the six cities on this tour. There is something so magical, nostalgic and yet so fresh about it. It seems like their tour diary will have to suffice for now.

With all the ridiculous hullabaloo re:President Obama's birth certificate, I am extremely thankful for the funny folks at The Onion for providing a much needed laugh.

It's no secret that I watch a lot of inane television. It doesn't take much to get me hooked. However, I normally don't go for those singing competitions. Yet, somehow I found myself really into The Voice. It's refreshing to see a competition show that doesn't allow people to make fools of themselves for entertainment's sake, but rather celebrates and encourages talent in a unique way. While I don't see myself watching this on the reg, I definitely will pop over to their site to view some vids.

* Oh, right...there's a wedding today, no? While I might not have been up at 6AM to watch the wedding live,  you can be certain I'll be checking in periodically to my fashion blog of choice, Tom & Lorenzo, where my two favorite queens will be dishing on the fashion and frivolity of the royal wedding!

Song that's singing to me this week: The Decemberists - "June Hymn"

Do you have some link love to share? Leave it in the comments below, please!

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