Friday, August 19, 2011

Link Love!

* "Pink Scare," (My article about the media panic over boys & pink) has been published in this month's issue of Bitch Magazine. They've also selected it to be one of the articles featured on their site! Feel free to hop on over there to read it, and drop a thought or two in the comments - would love to know what folks think.

My friend Sarah wrote about fruit, pie, and contests and combining all three for a good cause.

So...I still might be fangirling a little over the fact that Ritch participated in my TIWAFLL series. Mostly because his vlogs are cheeky and smart, which is a killer combination in my book! (but not always super safe for work language wise, just FYI). You should check them out.

Someone on Twitter linked to Postcrossing this past week, and I think it's just a brilliant idea. I still have fond memories of my pen pal from Manitoba, Canada when I was in 2nd grade. Getting postcards from all over sounds like so much fun, and a neat way to learn about maps and places around the world with the kiddo. Will be signing up soon for sure!

Why does TLC insist on producing the most enabling, vile shows they can come up with? This new one is about extreme excess as it relates to kids' parties (okay, so while I don't actually *love* this link, I just couldn't let it slip by without comment).

And just because I can't get this song out of my head, I'm sharing it with all of you... (also, how cute is it that Jay Leno is holding up a record?)


Anonymous said...

Freaking LOVE that TMBG clip. The record makes it extra special.

Sarah Buttenwieser said...

Love being linked here & the pie thing, well, it's going to be so fun. Are you entering a pie? I hope yes!

A. Mama said...

Right? It's such a great clip and I swoon at the accordion!

Sarah - still undecided about actually *entering* a pie. I will for sure be there to cheer folks on and eat copious amount of pie, just not sure if I'll end up baking one...