Friday, May 27, 2011

Link Love!

A little love straight from the chalk masterpieces we've been creating lately

Here's where I've been spending my time this week...

Somehow we jumped right into summer in the last day or so here in New England, and if the forecast has anything to say about it, we're looking at some more hot, humid, hazy days - perfect for jumping into the pool. Yup. Bathing suit season is officially upon us, and I can't wait. I've read a few interesting pieces re: bikinis and feeling fierce in whatever swimwear you choose, and wanted to pass them on. I fully intend to rock my bikinis and tankinis this summer (and am glad I've come to a place where I can feel that way)!

My friend Abbe both inspires and amazes me. She's crafty, creative, and just plain cool. You can read about her crafty adventures on her blog, Make.Do.See.Be. This summer she'll be offering sewing classes for young kids, so if you live in the area  - check her out!

If you're not following the Feminist Hulk on Twitter - you should be (and while you're at it, follow me too!).

This week's song that sings to me is a medley from the recent Billboard Music Awards. Cee-lo Green & his piano take performance to the next level.

* Raise your hand if you totally wanted to be Blossom in 1993. (I know I'm not the only one!) Now, beyond the amazing hats and flowing flowery dresses, actress Mayim Bialik has grown up and moved on to other awesome things... that still has me wanting to be Blossom. Check out this wonderful piece she wrote for Today on why women shouldn't fear home birth.

And, finally... Beyonce came out with a new song/music video [Run the World (Girls)] and everyone has something to say about it. This fierce, articulate woman pretty much says it all for me.

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