Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sort of Sucky

Halloween 2008: I should have known where this was headed...

"Ima. Even if you were a vampire, you wouldn't eat me...right?"

"Vampires don't eat people, EZ. They just suck their blood, remember?"

"Oh. Okay. So, if you were a vampire, you wouldn't suck my blood...right?"

"Of course not, unless you were very, very, very tasty."

The conversation usually devolves into crazy tickles or utter silliness at this point. This conversation has also been occurring every couple of days lately, and sure...it might not seem like your typical conversation with a 4.5 year old, but lately...

It all started month or so ago when EZ came up to me with a book in hand, demanding to know what the picture on the cover was supposed to be. I flipped it over, checked it out, and...


I hemmed and hawed as I silently considered my options. I could: A. Lie about it and say the girl on the cover had cut her lip. or B. Tell the truth.

And so began the obsession with vampires in our house.

To be fair, I might have been slightly obsessed with them before EZ even had an inkling as to what they were. And by obsessed, I mean I found myself devouring the more recent versions of vampires geared more towards the young adult set.

These are not your typical vampires, but rather a sanitized version provided for mindless entertainment. I mean, some of these vamps sparkle and pout for goodness sake. When describing them to friends, I liken them to eating Doritos - I know it's not good for me overall, but it's just so damn delicious. (Granted, there are a whole host of other issues with these various books, but we can get to that another day, perhaps)

So here we are...with EZ knowing the basics of vampires and also zombies.


Yeah. You can thank my husband's latest iPad app for that one.

But to be honest? I'm actually okay with it.

For some reason, I am way more comfortable watching my son run around all slack-jawed, shouting "braiiiiiiiiiins," than I am watching him run around shooting things with a gun built out of Legos.

I'm just not quite sure what that says about me.

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