Friday, June 3, 2011

Link Love!

Blurry, steamy love this week

Beauty Redefined is an excellent website that recognizes and rejects harmful media ideals about beauty and health. Much of what they post is both fascinating and frightening, but I was really interested in this piece about physically photoshopping ourselves out of reality.

Gender Across Borders ran a wonderful series on Masculinity this week that includes posts on a wide range of issues. There are a lot of them, but take the time to read through them - lots of food for thought!

Just when we decide to cut our HBO, True Blood decides to come back with season 4. Of course. No worries. I'm sure we'll find ways to illegally stream watch it. Until then, sink your teeth (I know, I'm cringing too, but it had to be said) into this and this.

Last time I'll mention this (probably not really), but I joined the 365 Project and am 3 days in. Feel free to follow me over there and see my year in photos.

Oh, look. I'm mentioning myself yet again. I'm probably committing a bunch of internet and blogging faux pas by doing so, but whatever. These peanut noodles were amazing, and the threat of a tornado caused me to make them. So, there you have it.

And finally...the song that sings to me this week is an old favorite by the Indigo Girls. No real reason, mostly because I feel like singing out loud and pretending I can harmonize. Come join me.

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