Friday, June 17, 2011

Link Love!

A busy week leads to little link love...not because I don't think there's a bunch of fabulous stuff out there this week, but because I've been too busy to find it! If you've found something I just *have* to check out, please link to it in the comments...I could use a little distraction!

Love in photo form from my fabulous friend Abbe's blog: Make.Do.See.Be

While I only have one kid and one cat, this illustrated description of nighttime more than accurately depicts some nights I've experienced (more than I care to remember...).

Samuel L. Jackson reads a wonderfully NSFW(or kid's ears) bedtime story that gave me the giggles.

Stumbled across yet another fabulous positive body image website.

This week's song that sings to me is's whatever you want it to be. This site lets you use YouTube videos to create your own masterpiece. I could waste hours here.

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