Friday, June 24, 2011

Link Love!

love...straight from EZ's hands this week
Jon Stewart nails it out of the park (again) on this Fox News Sunday segment. Brilliant + hilarious = awesomeness.

NPR came out with this interesting look at "the end of gender." You can be sure I'll have something to say about it. Until I get a chance to sit down and do that, take a gander at what they had to say!

Bamboo Magazine came out with their Summer issue this week and it's got a bunch of interesting reads (including a small editorial written by me on page 75! at least, I hope mine is interesting...)

In case you need to brush up...check out this Bitches' Guide to Etiquette. It's okay. We all need a refresher now and then.

It may come as a surprise that I kind of dig Lady Gaga (or not, who knows what you folks out there in Internet land think of me). I also love people who cover her song, and this version with two men, one guitar playing Bad Romance, bluegrass style is totally the song that sings to me this week!

Where have you been wasting your time online this week? Feel free to leave some link love yourself in the comments!

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